By Jake Howard  

Tip of the cap to all the groms who got after it last weekend at the San Clemente Pier for the Western Surfing Association competition. The conditions weren’t tropical, and they weren’t easy, but the kids didn’t shy away from them.

Grom of the Week honors go to Bodhi Aguilar of San Clemente. Surfing in the final with his friends, Bodhi, aka @bodacious_bojangles on Instagram, earned himself a very respectable third-place finish. Just as stoked to be out in the water with his friends as he was to get a trophy, he was as appreciative of the experience as the result.

Bodhi Aguilar. Photo: Courtesy of WSA
Bodhi Aguilar. Photo: Courtesy of WSA

“I got to compete in San Clemente today at the SC Pier with my friends and it was so fun!” Bodhi posted on his Instagram feed. “I got third place in the U9 division and I’m so stoked for my friend @brodyfish_buck who got first place and Tanner @the_sandvigs who got 2nd and my buddy Zion @wherewall who got 4th. The ocean was stormy and rough and it was rad seeing everyone make the best of the tough conditions. Congrats to all my friends in the U10 division.”

Amazing result, amazing sportsmanship, and he can write, too! Stay stoked, Bodhi. You’re an epic ambassador for the local surf scene.

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