By Jake Howard

All groms are awesome, but the stoke of Bodhi Aguilar is especially inspiring. Watching him and his friends run herd over Salt Creek during the Cosmic Creek Surf Festival in Dana Point was all-time. Aguilar and his pal, Finn McCarty, were in and out of the water all day. Grabbing different boards, bodysurfing with legendary waterman Mark Cunningham, rolling around in the sand, hanging in their wetsuits all day, throwing shakas and smiles at everyone. It’s what a well-lived day at the beach is all about.

The good vibes and positivity are paying off for Aguilar, big time. When he’s not in the water, Aguilar’s been ripping at the San Clemente skatepark, dialing in his airs, foot-plants and smooth lines.

Last month, the 8-year-old San Clemente goofy-footer finished in second place in the Under-9 division of the WSA West Coast Championships. But even more significant, Aguilar’s on to bigger and better things next season.

“I got to retire my dad from the push-in division today, which is cool and a bummer at the same time. We made some amazing memories these past couple years,” Aguilar wrote on his Instagram feed.

And if you need a little something to brighten your day and make you smile, Aguilar’s Instagram handle is @bodacious_bojangles. What more do you need to know?

Bodhi Aguilar  Photo:@bodacious_bojangles
Bodhi Aguilar

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