By Jake Howard

It’s not necessarily who wins, but how you play the game. Always on the beach, always with a constant smile and sense of stoke, Dana Point’s Cascia Collings is not only having a great year in wearing a jersey, but her froth level is always maxed out no matter when or where she’s surfing.

A rising star in the Dana Point surf scene, Collings is a regular competitor in the Western Surfing Association events, as well as the USA Surfing contest. Her beautiful run kicked off last year, when she was selected to join the USA Surfing Development team and was able to work with some of the best surfers of her generation and blossom under the coaching and instruction she received.

All the hard work and positive vibes paid off, as Collings went into her first season on the Dana Hills High School Surf Team. One of the standouts on a highly talented squad, Collings ripped her way to a third-place place finish in the NSSA National High School Championships. Her performance helped carry Dana Hills to a very respectable fourth-place overall finish in the NSSA National High School rankings.

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