By Jake Howard

Four years into the surf game and Christian Clark can’t seem to put his surfboard down. An eighth-grader at Marco Forster Middle School, he’s a valued member of the school’s surf team and a devoted member of the Dana Point Surf Club. Plus, Clark’s skills in the water are as solid as his skills in the classroom. The 14-year-old is a straight-A student.

In terms of who he looks up to in the lineups at spots like Salt Creek and Trestles, Clark said, “The surfers around my age or a little older who surf really well and push the limits of their ability. I like to challenge myself to try and do the same.”

Christian Clark. Photo: Courtesy of the Clark family
Christian Clark. Photo: Courtesy of the Clark family

Comfortable riding everything from a high-performance thruster to a classic longboard; he’s also into mountain biking, skateboarding, fishing and baseball.

“We are a beach family, so that’s where we spend most of our family time together,” said his father, Daemon.

When asked where he thinks surfing may take him in the next 10 years, Christian answered, “I don’t know, but I want to be able to travel and surf around the world.”

Considering the photo that inspired the iconic The Endless Summer poster was shot on the sand at Salt Creek, he’s in a great place to keep the dream alive.

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