By Jake Howard

Eleven-year-old Evan Daly started getting whipped into Doheny bombs by his dad at the ripe old age of 4 years old.

“My dad taught me to surf at Doho,” Evan Daly said. “He’d tow me out on a soft top and I’d hold his ankle, so I didn’t have to paddle.”

Evan Daly. Photo: Courtesy of the Daly family
Evan Daly. Photo: Courtesy of the Daly family

Growing up in Dana Point, this sixth-grade student at Marco Forster Middle School is now a distinguished member of the Dana Point Board Riders Club, although he admits he’s drifted “in and out of” surfing from time to time. Daly also plays travel baseball with the Evo Stars and Stripes.

Chances are today you can find him in the water at Salt Creek, but he does appreciate a good road trip from time to time.

“The best wave I’ve ever ridden was Rincon,” Daly said. “I was also able to get super fun reef waves at Bingin and Uluwatu in Bali this summer.”

As far as why he has taken to surfing like a fish to water, he said he enjoys “meeting up with friends in the water and having fun.”

“I like the way that not a single surf session is the same. The wave shape and conditions are always changing,” Daly said.

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