By Jake Howard

Graceful soul. Effortless style. Infectious stoke. Indie Hoffman’s keeping that classic Dana Point/Capo Beach soul alive.

Coming off a big weekend last week at the Western Surfing Association Championship Tour Event in Oceanside, where the surf was clean and pumping, Hoffman swept the under-14 and under-18 girls’ longboard divisions.

At 12 years old, she’s already surfing with poise and maturity well beyond her age. She recently picked up a sponsorship with women’s surf brand SisstrEvolution, which is helping support her dream. She’s also launched her own YouTube channel if you want to tune in and learn more.

Indie Hoffman. Photo: Instagram
Indie Hoffman. Photo: Instagram

And when it comes to surfboards, under the tutelage of Capo Beach’s Josh Martin, she’s developing quite a talent with a planer. She’s a throwback to the era when surfers shaped their own boards, which could have something to do with her family’s DNA.

The Hoffman family goes way back to the early roots of surfing. Her grandfather helped pioneer big-wave surfing, and her parents, aunts, uncles and cousins all surf. It’s little wonder she wound up on a board before she could walk.

Hoffman’s the future of a great legacy, and it’s exciting to see where her vision of the sport and culture is going to take things.

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