By Jake Howard

Meet the latest multitalented surfer to put a stitch in the Hoffman family tapestry—Dana Point’s Indie Hoffman. Graceful on a longboard, stoked to roll around on a skateboard, and not half bad in the shaping bay, the 11-year-old is carrying the family’s passion for the ocean into the next generation.

“My great-grandpa, Walter, once told me that the Hoffman name in surfing is relying on me to keep it going, and it makes me feel so happy to be sharing the love of surfing with everyone I meet,” Indie said.

For over 90 years, Hoffman California Fabrics has been supplying textiles for the fashion and surf industries (they even designed the fabric for Tom Selleck’s aloha shirts in Magnum P.I.). Notable cousins include Joyce Hoffman, as well as Christian, Nathan and Greyson Fletcher.

Indie Hoffman. Photo: Courtesy of the Hoffman family
Indie Hoffman. Photo: Courtesy of Jordan Anast

Consistently showing up in the finals of area WSA contests, Indie’s coming off a win in the girl’s longboard division and a finals appearance in the girls shortboard division. She also recently got the opportunity to shape a board with Capo Beach’s craftsman Josh Martin, son of late Hobie master board builder Terry Martin.

“Josh is an amazing shaper, and his father shaped boards for my great-grandpa, my great-aunt and a few other greats in my life,” Indie said. “Watching, learning and helping him shape my board really showed me that a lot of work goes into a surfboard.”

At the end of the day, the same things that motivated and inspired her great-grandpa are what’s driving Indie’s passion.

“The days we all surf as a family are my favorite. I love teaching my little brother. Seeing all of us on a wave together is pretty magical,” she smiled.

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