By Jake Howard

Meet Mac O’Brien. “He is a really good surfer and he is really smart and he is a pretty nice kid,” says his twin sister, Ally.

The two of them attend Las Palmas Elementary School, and a couple weeks ago Ally suggested her brother, Mac, would be an ideal Grom of the Week. With a third-place finish at the recent SeaFest contest, the pint-sized ripper is on the up-and-up.

First getting on a board when he was 5 years old, Mac said he gets psyched on surfing “when the waves are good, I’m having fun with my friends, and the vibes are good!”

Mac O’Brien. Photo: Courtesy of the O’Brien family
Mac O’Brien. Photo: Courtesy of the O’Brien family

We couldn’t agree more. Typically surfing with his family and friends, he does admit that he’d happily head to the beach with “anyone who will go surf!”

Local spots such as Church, Lowers, Punta Mita and Dragon’s Teeth are among his favorites. He concedes that he’s pretty much stoked to surf “anywhere the waves are.” As far as dream spots, he’d love to get himself into the tank at Kelly Slater’s wave pool.

Fluent in Spanish, stoked and styling, Mac’s a born surfer. And with a sister as supportive as Ally, he’s going places!

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