By Jake Howard

Every week, we feature an up-and-coming surfer who is celebrating some kind of accomplishment. Maybe it’s a contest win, scoring on an exotic surf trip, or even successfully shaping a surfboard, but what sometimes gets overlooked is spotlighting the day-in and day-out dedication and hard work that leads to these successes. Case in point: San Clemente goofy-footer Max Beach.

Lately, Max has been in Hawaii, charging the North Shore scoring rides he’ll probably never forget. The North Shore is more or less surfing’s proving ground. With waves like Pipeline, Sunset Beach and Waimea, the power of the breaks there is unrivaled, and learning to tame these beasts takes years of experience.

Max Beach. Photo: Pete Frieden
Max Beach. Photo: Pete Frieden

Rather than wait until he’s battling for rating points on the WSL’s Qualifying Series in a few years, Max has taken it upon himself to put in the time on “the rock” to better understand the waves and conditions. True to form, he notes that Pipeline has become his favorite wave in the world.

“There’s nothing better than getting barreled and having enough speed when you come out to do anything,” Max reveled.

Given Max’s passion and work ethic, don’t be surprised if you see more of his work on the North Shore in the years to come.

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