By Jake Howard

When you grow up in a family with five kids, you have to learn to roll with things. Few groms in this area have a deeper appreciation for this than 6-year-old Peeta Kenworthy from Dana Point.

When Peeta was just a wee babe, she had a bit of a health scare, contracting infant botulism. But she doesn’t let much slow her down, and while she might have stressed out her folks, she was on the mend in no time. Five years down the track, and she’s rolling.

Peeta’s big sister, Bella, has been blazing the trail for the Kenworthy squad, winning NSSA surf events and crushing it in the skate world. But little sis is right there behind her.

Peeta’s pretty much been on a surfboard and skateboard all her life—and it shows. She already rips at the skatepark, drawing clean, stylish lines, and she’s even got her airs working.

In the water, whether she’s standing up on a boogie board or styling with her old man at Doheny, Peeta is perfectly comfortable and happy.

Most recently, Peeta joined her family for some vacation and surf time over in Hawaii, where she got to enjoy the warm, tropical waters, rip with her brothers and sisters and make some new friends.

Peeta Kenworthy. Photo: Jason Kenworthy
Peeta Kenworthy. Photo: Jason Kenworthy

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