By Jake Howard

An eighth-grader at Marco Forster Middle School, 13-year-old Ryann Daly’s one of the next generation that’s leading the charge in Dana Point. A distinguished member of the Dana Point Surf Club, she first jumped on a board when she was 7 years old and has hardly stepped off since.

“I love to surf at Salt Creek on a daily basis, but sometimes I switch it up and go to San O,” Daly said. “I really like Creek because it has diversity and provides different types of waves to perform on.

“I love the ocean and being surrounded by people who enjoy it just as much,” Daly continued. “I am my happiest when I am out in the water seeing friends and surfing fun waves, especially in the summer when the water is warm and we spend all day at the beach.”

Ryann Daly. Photo: Courtesy of the Daly Family
Ryann Daly. Photo: Courtesy of the Daly Family

Hard to argue with warm water and summer days on the beach with friends. But Daly’s also putting in the hard yards and working to improve her skills.

When asked where she thinks the sport will take her in 10 years, she explained, “I plan to work hard on improving and reaching the goals I have set for myself. I want to continue to have fun with this amazing sport and keep a healthy, happy lifestyle. I hope to surf for Dana Hills High School next year and throughout high school. I plan to keep traveling and finding new and exciting waves around the world.”

With an outlook and attitude like that, there’s little question that Daly’s well on her way to achieving whatever goals she sets for herself.

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