By Jake Howard

What gets you stoked?

It’s not an overly complicated question. Nine-year-old Sawyer Lee Dimick had the best answer ever: “Good waves, good weather, good music, bacon and putting on a dry wetsuit.”

Who doesn’t get fired up by epic conditions and sweet, sweet bacon?

This recent Positive Vibe Warrior Grom of the Week and Stokeorama champion first started surfing at Doheny when she was a wee 5-year-old. Today, she is a student at Vista Del Mar Elementary in San Clemente. When she’s not out smashing sections at T-Street, you may find Dimick at the San Clemente skatepark, grinding through homework, vegging out on Who Is JOB or “cruising” with her friends and family.

Sawyer Lee Dimick. Photo: Courtesy of the Dimick family
Sawyer Lee Dimick. Photo: Courtesy of the Dimick family

As far as her Stokeorama victory goes, Dimick says her favorite part of the experience was “surfing and sharing the stoke with all my friends. It was so rad watching everyone charge so hard in the big surf. Dane (Gudauskas) said it was 10 to 15 feet.”

As far as how she’s staying stoked and “keeping the vibe alive,” Dimick’s keeping things simple. She’s happily “helping my siblings learn how to surf at Doheny and living by the Golden Rule.”

And did we mention she likes bacon?

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