By Jake Howard

This week’s Grom of the Week goes to Tanner Sandvig, who just took second place at the Western Surfing Association contest at California Street in Ventura last week.

But his competitive results aren’t really what this week’s honor is about, as good as they may be. We’re shining a light on 9-year-old Tanner because of the positive example he’s setting in and out of the water. Fired up and stoked on where surfing is taking him, he’s also loving the friends he’s making and relationships the beach life is allowing him to forge. Tanner’s always there to cheer on his fellow wave-riders and share all the goodness that the ocean provides.

Tanner recently asked his mom to reach out to us so that he could nominate a couple of his friends for Grom of the Week honors. That speaks volumes about his character and how much he cares for his crew. Of course, we’re loving Tanner’s recommendations, and you’ll be seeing his friends here in the Grom of the Week spot in the weeks to come, but the selflessness and consideration of others really resonated, and we thought it was important to share what an amazing ambassador of aloha he’s growing into.

Thanks for keeping us stoked, Tanner. We’ll see you in the water—the next set wave is all yours, buddy!

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