Grom: Waylon Kenworthy in the “world-domination” mode somewhere in Baja California, Mexico. Photo: Courtesy of Jason Kenworthy

By Jake Howard

Running herd in the Kenworthy family isn’t easy, but somehow little Waylon does it. One of five dedicated surf rats, his oldest sister, Bella, has been turning heads in the surf world and on a skateboard since the time she could walk. Just like the rest of his other brothers and sisters, Waylon jumped right on board. As handy on four wheels is he is on three fins, as is the case in big families, Waylon’s doing things is own way.

“There’s always one more way to do things and that’s your way, and you have a right to try it at least once,” said his namesake, Waylon Jennings.

“The kid’s got his own sense of style, that’s for sure,” jokes his father, Jason. “Somehow I got lucky and all my kids seem to get along best when they’re in the water or on a skateboard.”

From meandering family road trips down to the points in Mexico, to skate jams with sis, to long weekends on the amateur surf circuit, Waylon’s soaking it all in. You may see him drop into a NSSA or WSA final, and he’d be stoked if he did, but he’d be just as stoked to catch a few good waves and have some fun with his crew.

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