San Clemente Rotary Foundation helps keep the fun in the sun going

By Jake Howard

In lifeguard news, the San Clemente Rotary Foundation stepped up huge this past fall to support the San Clemente Lifeguard and Junior Lifeguard Foundation. A $2,500 contribution to the organization will be used for scholarships to help those of less means get involved in the program and cover the costs of participating in the junior lifeguard program next summer.

A special thanks to Noah Burns, Mark Taylor and Gary Stevens from the San Clemente Rotary for organizing the fundraiser and making this opportunity possible.

Junior lifeguards serve a vital role in our beach communities. Every summer, thousands of kids across the country participate in programs up and down the California coast. But it’s more than  just a summer camp, as kids are taught lifeguard skills, they’re educated about the ocean environment, and they get one heck of a workout in the process.

Junior lifeguards also learn responsibility, discipline, teamwork and all that good stuff that make you a better human being, as well as serving as a feeder program for professional lifeguard programs.

Thanks to everyone for supporting the youth and making our beaches a healthier, happier and safer place.

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