By Pete Van Nuys, San Clemente

Reading letters in the San Clemente Times, it’s obvious that outrage and frustration at the Transportation Corridor Agencies’ (TCA) resolve to plow a tollway through town is growing. Given the specter of that superhighway desecrating San Clemente, it’s natural our outrage would focus on that road. But the road should not be our focus; it’s just a symptom of a dysfunctional government agency.

TCA was born of the arrogance of OC Supervisors who were themselves frustrated by Caltrans’ refusal in the 1980s to spend limited public funds on freeways to facilitate land sales of OC’s fat cat developers. All were buddies of those same Supervisors.

Fiscal responsibility, if you recall, was not the hallmark of county government at the time. Pie in the sky claims of easy returns, early tollway bond retirement, and “free” roads floated regularly in the Orange County Register.

Of all the bad government decisions from the 80s, TCA’s existence continues to haunt us. It is an automaton created by the state of California at the behest of local politicos. And like the broom in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, it will continue to flood the county with bad ideas. Acting alone San Clemente is merely Mickey Mouse; we must find our Sacramento wizards and abolish TCA once and for all.

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  • is it true ? the toll road tca is coming down el camino real ? because they promised the historical society that they would fix the miramar , install giant signs for the outlet center ,donate to the downtown business association and chamber of commerce . and sniper shoot anyone with a ladder on a truck .,, Dam the 80’s , VCR’s and the tca . :::::( -:P

    are any tax dollars involved ? , whats their loan to value, ? one way to make the tca go away is to break it , not with lawyers but with better public freeways , roads and mass transit

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