Eva O’Keefe, San Clemente

For the last several months, the citizens of San Clemente have written 12,000 emails to elected officials at the State Assembly and Senate, as well as the Orange County Transportation Authority and the Board of Supervisors. They have been asking that the TCA be stripped of its eminent domain powers, and that a toll road not be built within 1,000 feet of our schools. All of our elected officials have sent letters of support to San Clemente saying that these routes are unacceptable.

We really appreciate their comments. However, it’s time for action. It’s time for our elected officials to introduce legislation to protect their constituents—not just a letter or a bumper sticker. Loretta Sanchez was able to introduce legislation to protect the San Onofre State Park, which is something that I applaud. It’s time now to protect the San Clemente State Park, the Vista Hermosa park for children with disabilities, San Clemente High School, Marblehead Elementary, Concordia Elementary as well as the hundreds of homes occupied by seniors who are in danger of having a tollway constructed nearby. #NOMI, not one more inch! Stop the toll road at Oso Parkway.

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