Jenifer Massey, San Clemente

As a long-time resident of San Clemente (four decades), I was horrified at what I learned at the recent Southern California Edison Community Engagement Panel meeting. Edison is getting ready to start loading plutonium and uranium nuclear waste into thin canisters and then place them at ground level one hundred feet from the San Onofre beachfront. There will be a total of almost 2,000 tons of nuclear material stored indefinitely in 123 canisters.

At the meeting, people referred to them as “Chernobyl Canisters” because each one can release more radioactive fallout than the entire Chernobyl catastrophe that spread radioactive contamination over much of Europe. What will it mean to all of us and our children who will be condemned to live next to a nuclear waste dump?

As a licensed real estate broker here for over two decades, I am also horrified by what the perception of possible radioactive fallout might do to all property values in this area. People don’t seem to realize how serious this is for the future of San Clemente. And if there is a catastrophic event either soon or decades from now, all property could become worthless because no insurance covers radioactive fallout. Evacuation would not work because you can’t run away from radiation. San Clemente could become a forbidden zone of exclusion where no one is allowed to live (just like Fukushima).

Why aren’t there massive public protests about this? Why is there no progress in getting the waste moved to a safer area out of earthquake fault zones, population concentrations and away from easy attacks by terrorists? Why do we allow authorities in government and the nuclear industry get away with building a nuclear waste dump in Zip Code 92672? Everyone should study and get involved in protesting this monstrosity that threatens the future of Southern California.

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  • “Why aren’t there massive public protests about this?”

    Perhaps because the general public doesn’t share your hysteria or believe the false information and lies put forth by anti-nuke activists.

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