Dawn Urbank, San Clemente

Your high schoolers need you to take a stand to ensure they reach their full academic potential.

You may think you have control over your child’s educational journey. Think again.

Only 54.1 percent of Capistrano Unified School District high school graduates complete their A-G requirements.

That means 45.9 percent have no option after graduating except to go to community college, apply out of state, or get a job.

Irvine is at 66.8 percent and Laguna Beach at 67.2 percent.

A-G requirements are critical if your child seeks to attend a four-year state college in California.

CUSD requires College & Career Planning (CCP) to graduate so that students would be trained in basic computer skills and have access to an academic counselor without needing a live counselor.

The downside: the CCP and health class requirements make it difficult for students to complete their A-G requirements without attending two years of summer school.

The California Department of Education (DOE) does not require students to take CCP to graduate; this is unique to CUSD.

The DOE does not require health as a stand-alone class to graduate. These units can be embedded into physical education or social studies.

CUSD is not preparing students for higher education in California. This is why only 8 percent of last year’s graduating class is currently attending a UC school.

The only solution is to eliminate CCP as a graduation requirement and incorporate health into physical education or social studies. This would improve the number of students who would qualify to apply to a four-year California college/university.

CUSD responded to my citizens’ request and will include this matter on its June 7 school board meeting agenda.

I encourage parents to attend. Any parents who would like to have their comments incorporated into the board meeting agenda as part of the permanent record should e-mail them to me at info@cusdwatch.com no later than May 20. The comments may also be submitted directly to the district, and you should email all of the Board of Trustees as soon as possible so that we can end CCP this year.

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