Jerry Collamer, San Clemente

A whole bunch of other concerned South County residents, with a lot of help from top-level Caltrans officers tutoring us on the ways of the road, came to the Beltway solution.

Yes, it’s a bold idea. But Orange County Transportation Authority’s (OCTA) workshop consultants wouldn’t have priced it or recommended it to OCTA if it didn’t have merit. Fortunately, we got it filed with OCTA.

We’d passed out our Beltway books to every South County city council, county supervisors, planning commissioners, etc. But that was eight years ago.

Fact is, the Beltway kept getting mentioned like some mysterious secret. But it took a

San Juan Capistrano City Council member to dig it up.

Apparently, she’d gotten ahold of one of our 8-year-old Beltway books. Not surprising, as we’d handed out so many.

The Beltway today would be different from eight years ago. Retired Supervisor Campbell’s worry—that the massive Rancho development (not approved at the time) would handicap its implementation—is now true. But with smart adaptation, a version can still be built.

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