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SCSQUARED halfBy Joe Janis, Tricia Mading, Susan Nelson and Jim Laurent, San Clemente

Protect Our Neighborhoods commends Mayor Bob Baker, Mayor Pro Tem Kathy Ward and Council members Tim Brown and Chris Hamm for supporting the residents of San Clemente. Despite intense lobbying from special-interest groups and public attacks on their character, they stood up for San Clemente and voted to regulate transitory lodging uses, including vacation rentals and sober living homes in our residential neighborhoods.

These Council members are now under attack for protecting our neighborhoods from these commercial businesses. In a veiled attempt to remove them from office, a petition is being circulated to redistrict San Clemente. Redistricting will allow only one council member per district and will limit the candidates you can vote for to only those candidates who live in your district. Because of these restrictions, you may have only one candidate to choose from.

We believe the best qualified people should serve on our City Council regardless of their address. Help us stop this blatant political manipulation. Before signing this petition, understand the motivation behind it and the ramifications it carries.

Protect Our Neighborhoods is not motivated by monetary gain. Our sole mission is to preserve the character of our residential neighborhoods and maintain San Clemente’s small-town feel.

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  • Joe, Tricia, Susan and Jim,

    You don’t know me but I am against districting. I saw how disastrous this was a year ago with the school districts summarily dismissing Mike Halt with no accountability. I do not want my ability to hold elected officials accountable reduced from 5 to 1. I want the ability to vote someone out for not doing their job regardless of where they live. I like being able to vote the best candidates in every two years instead of only one person every four years.

    I also despise how special interests, that want to further commercialize San Clemente, have banded together behind this false narrative.

  • those special interests ,, like 30$ a square foot side walks when we have none ,,like the extra leased lots for parking for the dba ,,or the cash they receive,,or how bout the grants up to 10 thousand dollars for business facades,,

    its a shame we cant build beach parking finish the beach trail or build and finish sidewalks in our neighborhoods because of those who should paint their own buildings ,,,stop bario by design residents first

  • It is understandable that the group that led the fight to shut down VRBO rentals in San Clemente would show their support for the current city council who followed their agenda and the system that keeps the current residents of our Southwest Beach Community in power.

    Our city council has made effort to combat the sober/addict neighborhood homes. That is what they should do. They were much more effective in closing down all vacation home rentals, including all the units owned by residents that made sure the renters behaved well and created no problems, while contributing to the $400,000 in tax revenue the council also eliminated.

    As far as the sober/addict homes, we are seeing effort; but, other local cities were able to find more success with other methods, which we learned at the recent town hall meeting organized by our State Senator Patricia Bates. There was an attorney who worked for the firm that our city employs at the meeting, yet not a single member of our city council attended.

    As far as the current petition on districting, this would only let the concept be placed on a future ballot, giving the voters of San Clemente an opportunity to see discussions on the issue and then vote. When Lori Donchak tried to get the current council to place the discussion on the agenda, she could not get a second.

    In the meantime, it would be nice if the majority of this city council’s agenda included addressing our rising crime rate, the fact that our police to resident ratio is the lowest in our entire region, the empty lots and closed businesses that attract homeless campers and the challenges our local business owners have with this city. Instead of their focus on decorating our alleys, fixing sidewalks in the Southwest, spending millions on bathrooms with holes in the wall that they are now spending more money to fix and creating solutions that go looking for a problem.

    • Steven:
      It is quite ironic that you accuse the Council of “creating solutions that go looking for a problem,” because that is exactly what this district election proposal reminds me of. None of what you mentioned would be solved with district elections. In fact, I have yet to hear a cogent argument as to the specific problems that district elections would fix in San Clemente. As I have said in other posts, where Council members live changes over time, it just so happens that four currently live in close proximity to each other. Big deal, in time that will change.

  • Steven Swartz you should run for City Council. You know it doesn’t matter where in San Clemente you live, any one can run.

comments (5)

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