Suzi Tompkins, San Clemente

When I read the article regarding bikes and e-bikes on the San Clemente Beach Trail, I strongly felt that I should comment.

Many of us who walk the trail do so because it is off the roadways, quieter and so much more enjoyable to be by the ocean than walking on a sidewalk alongside the busy streets. My main concern is that adding another vehicle, especially electric bikes that can generally be faster than a standard bicycle, which in my experience are sometimes ridden very fast on the trail, removes the joy of a beautiful trail that is a very special privilege in beautiful San Clemente.

Since the city has put so much time, money and effort into adding bike lanes to our roads and the Beach Trail by its nature seems to be used primarily for foot traffic, it seems adding another vehicle use to the trail defeats the reason the majority of us utilize the trail.

In addition, bicycles use the trail outside the parameters of the allowed time frame, from June 15 to Labor Day. It would be just as difficult to enforce an electric bike user to abide by the stated time constraints. I may have missed a notice that residents could have had a say in the Council’s decision, but if given the opportunity, I would vote against adding e-bikes access to the Beach Trail.

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  • long before the trail i walked on the beach so get off my bike trail ,,,because i dont like riding in traffic and i cant bike the steep hills of san clemente streets or walk 2.8 miles on the trail or beach anymore ,, my feet are killing me from years of service on a ladder

    i was present at design meetings and watched in horror , the trail be designed as a narrow and dis-functional joke to commerce , recreation and safety

  • before they built the beach trail was built lots of people rode their bikes along the now much wider beach trail path, I would prefer my kids, myself and other to ride the beach trail as it’s much safer than riding in traffic wheremost rodes don’t have bike lanes like El Camino real in most spots……and it’s much easier to ride than all the hilly streets………and I mainly walk the beach trail and never had a problem with bikers/strollers/dogs/people

comments (2)

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