Peter Burberry, San Clemente

On a recent Wednesday afternoon, my 6-month-old puppy was viciously set upon by two large dogs on the trail that starts at Carl’s Jr. and heads up past the golf course. He managed to get away, but bolted in the direction of El Camino Real.

Within an hour, through Facebook and social media, we had four or more cars driving around and multiple people on foot looking for him—I had no connection to any of these people and cannot thank them enough for giving us their time to help. We even had two amazing teenage girls posting lost dog posters up around the area.

Five hours later, thanks to a surfer heading to Trestles, he was found just before he made it to the freeway.

In a time when it’s easy to feel that “community” is a dwindling concept, I am deeply grateful to the community that came out (from north and south San Clemente) to help.

Without them, it could have ended so much worse.

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