Adam Maxwell Townsend, San Clemente

I can’t stay silent in the face of all of the blind hatred of homeless people I see among some in San Clemente. There aren’t any homeless shelters or hospitals for mental illness in South Orange County.

Every community in OC fights tooth and nail against opening any near them, so as a result, the growing homeless population gets shuffled from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. They face public hate, harassment and scam rehab clinics that siphon off their Medicaid.

Having homeless addicts and mentally ill around is dangerous from a crime and public health perspective, but the homeless people themselves are the ones with the least power to do anything about it.

Compassion is clearly too much to ask for, but at least have common sense. Railing against homeless people themselves isn’t going to solve anything. It’s like beating your head against the wall; if they were capable of caring for themselves, they wouldn’t be homeless. No one is so lazy they dream of sleeping on asphalt every night and getting spit on by wealthy beach dwellers.

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  • I appreciate the sentiment, but what is the solution? I live near El Camino Real and have contact nearly every day with hardcore homeless . I show them plenty of compassion donating clothes, food, and conversation which they seem to appreciate above all.
    At the same time they are mostly alcoholic, drug addicted and many have mental health issues.
    Talking to them the one thing I hear is they prefer living on the streets. They are societal outcasts and have gone down too far to ever mainstream back to society. They also have been given many chances at rehab and living in shelters. One gentleman stated he had been in treatment at least 20 times for his alcoholism. He also said he was banned from most shelters.

    As I said I have compassion but should I have to step over human feces when I take my trash out which recently happened. Or when I open my garage in the morning should I feel fear when I see a wild=eyed homeless person I don’t know?
    As I said I would;d love to hear solution as this issue seems to be getting worse.

comments (1)

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