Melinda Schoenwald, San Clemente

Greetings from a faithful reader. I just wanted to share the feedback that many of “us” (readers) are feeling that a great local paper such as yours should stick to local issues— especially in the editorial and Letters to the Editor section. Leave the editorializing and politicizing on a national level to other media for which it is better suited. The last presidential election and its lingering remnants has been more polarizing than previous elections. You do no service to your readers to continue to allow the rants. When I opened today’s paper, the very first letter took personal pot-shots at the president and also at the writer of a previous letter. To me, it is inappropriate for you to print that sort of thing. Policy-based criticism is one thing, but personal attacks are not (at any level). But once again, that brings me back to the request that San Clemente Times stick to the local stuff.
Thanks for a great paper.

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