Robert Beaulieu, San Clemente

Today, we stand at a crossroads. Our city council and BB&K, the legal team hired by the city, seemed to be intent on challenging MemorialCare on the vacated hospital, a legal issue we more than likely will not win. The simple cost of the lawsuit, whether the city wins or loses, comes at a huge cost to our finances and our public safety.

On the other side of the equation stands an undermanned sheriff’s department. Without a fully staffed local police services station, and based on the reports of burglaries and other increasing crimes evidenced by the sheriff department’s own crime reports and seeing more crime posts on NextDoor, we are risking the safety and well-being of our residents and businesses.

So, I have to ask, what is more important to the council? Are they willing to deplete the city reserves and create a larger-than-projected shortfall of available funds for the year and risk bankruptcy, should we lose the lawsuit with MemorialCare? Or, should they drop the lawsuit, lick their wounds and use the down-the-drain funds to be paid to BB&K to support our sheriff’s department?

For the safety of our citizenry, please oppose the legal advice of a very biased and conflicted law firm and protect our community. No matter what your motto may be, “Residents First,” “One Town, One Team”—let’s get unified on this issue.

Editor’s note: NextDoor is not an official crime-tracking app.

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  • Thankfully, your fears did not come to pass, and the city’s zoning stands. I wonder if it was money well-spent? Keeping a hospital did seem to be the will of the people in the last election.

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