Joe Tolosa, San Clemente

I disagree with Mr. Van Nuys. The crux of the letter I sent, in the Nov. 24-30 edition of San Clemente Times, had to do with the 50,000 or 60,000 residents who have come later and now occupy former pasture land that is now part of the city of San Clemente. These people have needs and wants and are overlooked as they do not reside in the proper enclave where attitudes exist. I do not consider it leadership when one is considered as the last word on the subject. It merely illustrates the regressive attitudes that exist here.

It is not necessary to belabor the point of the In-N-Out fiasco here, but it was approved by a very competent Planning Commission. The Planning Commission presented a very good traffic and parking plan on the property that had ample room to comply with this. But, what do you know, to everyone’s surprise the council rejected it. I know as I attended all of those meetings.

In-N-Out does not need San Clemente, and San Clemente does not deserve In-N-Out.

We usually drive up to La Paz in Laguna Niguel for In-N-Out, and without a doubt a great many San Clemente residents stop at the unit next to the I-5 Freeway at Avery in Mission Viejo. So much for leadership.

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