TRACI GALES, San Clemente

In response to your article regarding the racial epithets that were proven to have been said from San Clemente High School students to those from Lincoln High School—I am simply shocked!

I feel so naïve to have truly believed that racism only occurs in places where people are uneducated, backward and small-minded. To know that it has taken root in some people in my beloved San Clemente grieves me deeply.

Just the idea that this behavior—rooted in hearts and minds—has affected our young people is deeply disturbing.  I believe that racism, bigotry and hate is taught. The kids involved in this behavior are modeling what they’ve seen and heard in their home.

So, to their parents, I say, “Badly done!”

Teaching our children love, acceptance and kindness are as important as teaching them not to lie or steal. Each of us as parents must examine our own hearts and minds and root out any form of hate. If we fail to do this, we will pass it on to our children as strongly as we pass along our own DNA.

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  • as long as the city worships at the feet of olie hanson this will go on after all read the original titles to properties he founded
    should we send him to the landfill with the bronze confederate generals i believe so

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