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Cord Bauer, San Clemente

You don’t need to look to Arizona or Florida to see election issues that have not been resolved. There are two very big issues still in front of San Clemente.

First, OC Weekly published an article on Nov. 2 that contained one lie after another about then-candidate Dan Bane. It was all false, and OC Weekly removed the story and apologized to Dan profusely. Here’s the problem—they confirmed that their single source came from within San Clemente City Hall, but the source is still not known.

This article was meant for one thing only—to keep Dan Bane off the council. That’s staggering, considering where the source came from. Was this discussed during the last city council meeting? No. Put on the agenda? No. All we know is that Councilmember Kathy Ward was one of the first to link to the article on social media, and one of the last to take it down. As of this writing, I don’t think she’s even apologized for her action/non-action.

Second, at the very end of the last city council meeting—when most of the audience had left—Mayor Tim Brown floated an idea to put in place severance package guidelines for executive employees of the city and to make sure that they become enacted before the new councilmembers are seated. Visit YouTube and enter “San Clemente City Council November 7th” and scroll to hour 1:52:40 to see the discussion.

Dan Bane and Laura Ferguson were elected to address some major issues within the city, especially regarding our city manager and assistant city manager. There’s been huge employee turnover, allegations of misuse of funds and abuse of employees. Now, in addition to their current severance package, it appears that Tim Brown, Chris Hamm and Kathy Ward may want to sweeten the deal.

Laura Ferguson pushed for a “sunshine ordinance” like our neighboring cities now have. Residents will know what’s going on, because it all happens in the open.

Until there are sunshine laws, please pay attention. Your votes and your tax dollars are being marginalized.

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  • Costa Mesa has an operating budget of $142.54 million dollars, over double that of San Clemente. Their recently fired City Manager made $337,113.58 salary + benefits in 2017. His severance pay was a tidy 9 months.

    Our City Manager made $357,385.00 back in 2016. Our annual budget is $68 million.

    Tim Brown, Kathy Ward and Chris Hamm want to extend the severance pay for the City Manager to 2.5 years!

    In what world does this make sense? And why is James Makshanoff’s salary for 2017 not yet listed? San Clemente has no transparency.

    San Clemente residents, you are a piggy bank for the whims of Tim Brown, Kathy Ward and Chris Hamm.

    • Folks,

      Wow, someone needs to turn down this guys X-files music because he is paranoid and using a conspiracy rubbish to mask some issues that were exposed.

      Ask yourself why? What is the motivation for this smoke and mirrors? It is a way to deflect from what the real concerns should be. That is what puppets do best, they distract from who is really pulling the strings.

      Kind of reminds us of the look at his pants meme image where the old guy wrecks his car and mainstream media focus is on his waistline being so high instead of the wrecked car he is standing in front of.

      Here is what the top priority should be …Transparency !!!

      [A] We do need transparency in elections, we need to know who is really donating to candidates, particularly the faceless places and people outside of San Clemente that gave to the newly elected council members.

      [B] How about passing an ordinance that requires all political action committees to fully reveal their “actual” donors before being allowed to slam our mailboxes with unsolicited hate mail. Wouldn’t you like to see which receive money from the TCA and TCA affiliated people?

      So here’s some homework for you…

      1. Ask each of the elected council members to produce hard documentation on who contributed to their campaigns (as indicated above) AND to demand the same from the Political Action Committees that supported them politically who did not donate directly to them, and have them post it on their websites publicly.

      2. Go to the candidates’ web pages that were elected and print out a list of all their lofty promises. Keep this readily available for when they back peddle on their promises.

      3. Now compare the newly elected council members promises to the very limited role of a city council member, and ask them how they plan to accomplish some of the things they are claiming which are outside the role and influence of a city council member.

      4. The last one is very important. Demand that “True” Transparency, as explained earlier in this comment, be added to all elections going forward.

      Oh, and while you are at it make a note a how wrong both of the newly elected council members were on Districting. Thankfully, Districting was blown out of the water by 70%. Makes you wonder how well they will represent residents when they were so badly out of touch with them on the most significant issue other than the Toll Road.

      Completing this homework will help protect San Clemente, which is what we all want.

      Enjoy the homework

  • those are obscene amounts of money for people who persecute the poor and work with the rich only

    our council owhs us 11 million dollars beach parking fund and 164 p spaces at north beach that where misappropriated for the rich

    squandered 14 million on a dirt disfunkanable beach trail that’s still to be finished

    still hasn’t built a commuter center

    to say argghhh is not enough ^%$#%(^*&*^(*)%$(*

  • Hamm, Ward and Brown are the true problem solvers here. They have a proven tack record. These new Trumped out rookies need to learn. I hope they do. City managers make alot everywhere. It’s a tough job. Lot’s of whiners and gadflys.

    Thank God we have a few normal folks on the CC. !!

    • AAA Credit Rating, 150M in reserves, and city in the black again. Yep, big problems – NOT.

      Oh, and by normal they mean two newbies who are completely inexperienced and out of touch. As in totally out of touch with residents with who voted down districting by 7o%

      Enough with the Kool-aid drinkers. We need real people to step up and hold the newbies accountable to all their promises.

comments (5)

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