Bobbie Carey, San Clemente

I have two points of view of the homeless epidemic in San Clemente, both based on first-hand observations.

First, I work in the Starbucks building on South El Camino Real, one of the homeless meccas of San Clemente. I have witnessed people distributing breakfast sandwiches, gift cards, coffee, cash, lunch, etc. to the parade of vagrants perpetually around our building, which by the way is private property.
These vagrants urinate and defecate in our parking lot. They deal drugs and argue and scream profanity day and night. They eat your food gifts and then toss the trash in the street. Thank you for enabling them to remain at our workplace.

Second, I also see first-hand the generous gifts to the multiplying vagrants around the State Park and Concordia Elementary School. I’ve seen people give gift bags filled with food and candy and fresh coffee to sleeping homeless people on our sidewalks at the south end of town. How do I know what’s in the bags? The homeless ignore the gifts, since they don’t include drugs or money. Residents are left to dispose of your gifts in the trash.

Wise up and stop giving drug money to vagrants. If you feel the need, take a homeless person to your residence and give them comfort and aid. Or give your money to charity organizations that cater to the homeless.

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