Craig Alexander, Dana Point

We voters have a big responsibility on Election Day. Do we vote to tax our community and ourselves $889 million (almost $1 billion) via Capistrano Unified School District’s Measure M? When interest is added to the principal that will be almost $2 billion taken out of our local economy. For all of us—homeowners, business property owners, boat owners (“unsecured property” is taxed in Measure M too)—this will result in hundreds of extra dollars in taxes on our property tax bills for 35 years. Renters, your rent will go up.

Who has been contributing to the “Yes on M” campaign? Architects, engineers, construction contractors and attorneys who will make millions on Measure M projects if it passes.

Before you vote on Measure M, I highly recommend you get the facts about this bond tax at

Personally, I believe this bond tax is too much, too poorly planned by CUSD and has no guarantees the money will be used for the projects listed (there is a disclaimer in the project list). I will be voting “No” on Measure M, and I encourage voters to vote “No” as well.

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