Kerry Sink, San Clemente

I have been contacting officials who perform graffiti removal for the city. Some people in southwest San Clemente have been doing this for years now, along with random tagging. As for the trash, it’s just getting worse throughout town. People are just throwing it out the windows of their cars and stuff.

A vandalized trash bin in San Clemente. Photo: Courtesy
A vandalized trash bin in San Clemente. Photo: Courtesy

There is a remodel going on South Ola Vista between Via Cristobal and Avenida Córdoba, and you can see the graffiti for yourself.

What I was hoping was that your staff could use these pictures and write a message trying to discourage this from getting worse. I wish we could shame them into stopping or make the issue more public, maybe someone will say something. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks.

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