KATHY & JOE OWENS, San Clemente

People insult and denigrate their enemies and city council candidates with buzzwords on social media and at city council meetings. They employ incendiary and inaccurate comments not only on faceless trolling social media posts but also to the city council, and one resident who has used sexist comments to a long-term city councilwoman. One resident in particular believes he is an attorney and financial director to the city, employing advice that is contradictory to good common sense, good logic and legal arguments.

San Clemente has had some real challenges in the past few years: sober living homes, vacation rentals, losing our hospital and subsequent lawsuits. Under the direction of the previous city council and city management, the city had been very successful to a large extent, victorious in solving or mitigating these issues. Now the city is faced with the toll road and homeless issues, and the current city council must come together and unify to solve these issues. The council can only be up to the task if they work together and not send out individual Facebook messages directed at their supporters, revving up emotions and misinformation on these issues. Our city council meetings now take the appearance of a “Banana Republic” due to the above.

It is time to have stability on the city council and not upheaval. Be very wary of those who smear city council candidates with fake, not verifiable information. Do they have financial ties to the TCA (toll road)? There is a Special City Council Election coming up. Vote wisely, for the future of our city is in your hands and the destruction of this community with a toll road slicing through our town. Who is the toll road supporting behind the scenes?

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  • THANK YOU!!!! I dont understand why people dont just promote their candidate. Tony is the ONLY reason Gene will not be getting my vote.

  • Please read the link and see why people are so upset with the long time CC Member

  • Gene is the same old business as usual. I’m not voting for a growth at any cost clown show any more— look what’s become of our Spanish Village???? Pathetic….

  • $6 million dollars lost per year for the last three years. $18 million dollars. No, the old council was not successful in solving or mitigating issues, although they do put up a good front.

    The anger you hear from residents is frustration from not being heard. The city council is BELOW the residents on San Clemente’s organizational chart. Anyone wanting to represent our community needs to remember that, or they will be reminded at City Council meetings, and at the ballot box.

  • In organizational psychology there is a principle known as “isomorphic development”. Iso meaning equal, morphic as in growth. Civility was lost with the advent of the tea party and then the election of the Russian pussy grabbing president. It’s no coincidence that he is vulgar, a nick name caller and has the attention span of a 2 year old. “As above , so below…”, As the top of our society/body politic goes, so goes the provinces. The disgust and contempt with which the GOP holds all who are not in their tribe, is obvious. Don’t expect to see civility anytime soon. They continue to have delusions of adequacy.

comments (6)

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