Pamela Perez, San Clemente

I would like to say that the solution to helping the homeless is not a shelter of any kind. Shelters are for emergency purposes. Help the homeless by providing homes.

Help the homeless by getting them from the streets or car or from homeless status to a place they can afford. Help them find it, get approved, get there (probably out of area, of course, and state) and help them set up there.

That is the solution. Plus, there is a lot of continuum of care funding from our government to help with this. No more middlemen collecting this money for providing “services.” The homeless can get these services once housed, and they will be somewhere where they are welcomed.



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  • you dont get it they keep coming back any money they have will never be spent on affordable housing or even laundry .or soap ,,hitting rock bottom and clawing your way out of homelessness and the fear of being homeless again is the solution ,,please stop trying to make them comfortable instead get them to work i dare you !!!

  • The problem of the homeless in San Clemente is what we refer to as “overdetermined”, meaning; there are multiple causes any one of which creates the problem. So—– if you don’t fix all or most of them — this will be the new normal. Here are the causes–

    1. The GOP going back the Reagan as Gov opened the doors to state hospitals thru a variety of initiatives. Google it… screwed us.
    2. Prop 47 and the other initiative laws that released felons put thousands on OC streets instead of jail.
    3. The laws that require involuntary admissions have become unwieldy.
    4. Many street crimes have been decriminalized….so…..welcome to the beach lads!
    5. A federal case and now several state level court cases allow the homeless to camp on public property. It’s the law, we have a Constitution— needs to be ammended maybe.
    6. The problem has nothing to do with the cops, they are following the law.
    7. Mental health delivery is a joke.
    8. The economy is bad for the bottom of society– lets pretend it’s not, its fun!
    9. Not enough shelters.

    There are more reasons– maybe many. Again— if you dont eliminate most of them—- get used to the homeless issue– it’s the new America.

    Side note—- The GOP is dead set against doing anything to solve this……we can all admit that right?

  • Pamela Perez, yes, housing first. It’s evidence-based. And Tim is right as well. There are many issues, but people will stand a better chance if they’re not struggling to survive, or “clawing (their) way out of homelessness” as George here suggests.

    • I would not disagree with housing first— but Tim is the most correct here— the problem has multiple causes and if you don’t attack several or many at once….. you’re wasting your time. it’s a fact.

      It might feel good to be attacking one part of the problem…..but you’ll NEVER get it that way…..

      I frankly doubt that conservative OC has the will or compassion to do this hard civic work which would mainly benefit the homeless—- That’s why Judge Carter has had to force the issue and the remedies— he is on the right track— multiple causes need many solutions….

  • then let them in your house on your dime or better yet go live with them im sure they will treat you well ::::::::::::::::(-:P good luck !!!!!!!!!

  • George—

    Why the snarky comment? These good folks just want to help.

    And, they are right….

  • UGH Bort C., George has EVERY RIGHT to be “snarky” this nightmare will be across the street from his property! I’d be devestated, destroyed and beyond snarky if this was happening across the street from my house. This is NOT the answer. Beach front homes for the chronically homeless is a spit in the face to all those that persavered to afford this lifestyle. I’m all for helping the less fortunate but this is asinine.

comments (7)

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