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In an April 7 letter to the editor, Ken Royal stated he never met one of (city council member) in his grocery store or walking the street. I always see them all over our beautiful city—at events, stores, shopping centers, farmers markets, restaurants and Avenida Del Mar.

District elections occur in much larger cities or those with a large minority population. I do not care where our city councilmembers live as long as they have vision, integrity, ethics and thoughtfulness. In fact, we have had councilmembers from all parts of this city, including Talega.

True representational government is not having just one councilmember to gripe to and state your issue but all of them. Any issue requires a majority vote, not one vote. Do you really think that the other four are going to listen to you when they are not accountable to you as a voter regarding a major issue in your part of town? At-large elections give you the opportunity to vote for all five, not just one. You have much more power and representation when five councilmembers depend on your support and vote.

District elections divide the city, divide the community, divide the people, divide the issues and you get the chance to vote for just one. What a deal!

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  • San Juan Capistrano just passed a districting rule with a population of just 36,000. They must really be screwed. 🙂

    When this measure passes, a seven person task force will be formed by the city to make the rules. Wayne, you’ve probably been on every other panel in San Clemente, which is one of the reasons for this districting measure. But I hope you get on this one too so your concerns are heard.

    Talega, Rancho San Clemente, Forster Ranch, Marble Head and SouthWest SC should ALL have a voice in our city. It should be inclusive, and should not be the same names and faces shuffled around, year after year. And you’re right, the Talega member (and all members) should be responsive to your needs, Wayne. Make sure that gets in the charter. 🙂

  • Wayne, your words are spot on about this.

    Districting take away representation. All it really does is divide our city. It will lead to a very politically charged us vs them mindset. This is nothing more than an invented issue to serve those wanting to divide, conquer and exploit our city.

    For the newcomers to this issue the presumed exploiters behind this are the irresponsible VRBO owners, MemorialCare financial bailout and School District special interest people. Oh, lets not forget the people with political aspirations who are looking to unseat incumbents in this years council election.

    It is a shame we are wasting time nonsense.

  • Can you even believe there’s “special interest” money in local elections? Well there is, because it takes money to canvass 19 square miles of San Clemente and get enough of the 65,000 votes to be elected. Name recognition helps, which is one reason why you see the same names over and over. Districting takes a lot of money out of politics, which is why you’ll hear some crazy stories about why it’s on the ballot, like VRBO’s. To their credit, the current council seems to have fixed this issue, and done a good job IMO. Districting is not a power play, it’s not political, it’s simply a response from normal members of the community who are OUTSIDE of the political process, trying to find ways to make local government more inclusive. That’s all.

    • @Cord, I am afraid what you are claiming about taking money out of politics is wrong. Also, your point of it taking money to canvas San Clemente is also inaccurate. Lastly your point about 65,000 voters is also wrong.

      The districting concept is bringing in interested outside parties like the irresponsible VRBO owners, MemorialCare who is looking for a bailout via lawsuit, and most likely the school district as well. So the myth of taking money out of politics is wrong.

      I met two of the current council members when they going door to door in my neighborhood. They were on foot and one of them had their spouse with them. Does this take money — nope. Just a determination and some time set aside to meet the residents you hope to represent. Now if this were a bigger town or a county wide election then you would be correct. So this myth has also been proven wrong.

      While San Clemente may have 65,000 residents lest than half are registered to vote. So this myth is also busted.

      In summary, there may be some residents who are less informed who have been duped into thinking this can be helpful. By and large the districting nonsense is not a response from normal members of the community. Instead this is a concerted effort by people with disingenuous interests seeking to divide our city to allow further exploitation by special interest.

      For those just wanting the bottom line — districting lowers your representation to just one member of the city council from five that you have now.

  • Simply saying I’m wrong does not make it so. Enrique, I don’t know you and you don’t know me, but pretty much everyone in this town has heard of someone like Wayne Eggleston. It takes a lot of money to overcome that name recognition, although it would be A LOT easier if someone simply had to canvass and talk to their neighbors. Once elected–and I’ve mentioned this before as well–a city council member needs to represent EVERYONE. I’ve also voiced my opposition to VRBO’s so many times that it’s becoming stale. Your entire comments are simply straw man arguments.

    • @Cord, My comments are all based on facts — not opinion. What is clear is that you have a personal issue with Wayne and are trying to manufacture a conspiracy theory to serve your personal narrative. Worse is that you claim to be against VRBOs and are yet support a position they invented.

      You have the freedom to choose and believe what you want. Do your fellow residents a favor and look more into the real facts about the districting narrative to avoid further harming the city we both love.

  • Another misrepresentation. Many, actually. I’ve got no beef with Wayne, but you are starting to annoy.

    • @Cord, it is clear from your messaging that you have not taken the time to learn about districting, consider recent San Clemente history relating to districting, nor consider the consequences. Instead you attempt to make it personal.

      What are your real motives? Because it seems like you may just be trying to help a peer / friend get elected with this false narrative.

comments (8)

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