SC_144Al Cullen, San Clemente

Would you believe it’s that time again to make two important voting decisions that will impact our lives in either a positive or negative way? We currently have Bob Baker as Mayor and Chris Hamm as a sitting Council member who have made the preponderance of their Council decisions in favor of the citizens of San Clemente and not for special interest groups.

There are only two choices to be made in the upcoming election—Bob and Chris are the only candidates that are urgently needed to continue the good decision making and keep San Clemente as a city that we all cherish.

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  • Incumbents Baker and Hamm have presided over a sharp increase in crime, drugs and burglary, yet have not increased our protective services in years. Case in point–our “old incumbents” in 1993 gave us 52 cops for just 44,000 people, while Baker and Hamm are fine with 43 for 66,000 residents. Which incumbent is right? Our current incumbents oversaw a $4,5 million dollar cost overrun for the Ole Hanson beach house as well as a $43 million dollar law suit with our now-closed hospital. Those type of incumbents I can do without.

  • “My porridge is not Just Right. Off with their heads!”

comments (2)

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