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Paul A. Wehrle, San Clemente

I respectfully disagree with Mr. Avera’s take on the issue of kneeling by the NFL players for the national anthem at recent football games. Kneeling is not, in any way, a sign of disrespect for our veterans, the country or the flag.

These players are not turning their backs or demonstrating any other form of disrespect. They are simply calling more attention to the racial disparities and inequities that have existed in this country since its inception. These issues remain prevalent and have only been magnified by the election of a dangerous, ignorant and narcissistic sociopath as our president.

You say you support the players’ right to protest, but when they do, you call them out as disrespectful. You talk about “Building a Pyramid,” but to include states’ rights and World War I is ludicrous, but at least you didn’t include the recent two wars based on lies. No, Mr. Avera, money and financial success does not “trump” basic racial and socioeconomic issues in our or any country. If you haven’t looked, some of our civil rights, to include voting rights, are being rolled back right in front of your eyes. In case you might consider me one of those “left-wing” nut jobs, I served on active duty at least as long as you did, and retired at a higher rank.

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  • Refusing to stand for our National Anthem is dishonoring our National Anthem. Americans stand for the National Anthem not because they have to or because the law requires it, but because it is a universal activity that unites ALL Americans regardless of race, creed, party, or color.

    If these players wished to call attention to what they view as police brutality against African Americans (the stated purpose of their refusing to honor the flag and National Anthem), then they are doing it WRONG! The fans everywhere are turning away from pro football for this very reason demonstrating once again, that if one wishes to recruit people to their cause, one sure way to fail is to insult them and denigrate that which they hold sacred. In effect, the only attention these NFL players are highlighting, is their disrespect for our National Anthem and flag.

    The NFL itself has fumbled the issue. Once upon a time, the biggest Obama sycophant and the staunchest right wing conservative, could enjoy each other’s company rooting for their team safe from the divisive attacks of the anti-Trump derangement syndrome. Now, thanks to these National Anthem kneelers, the fans can’t even escape politics at the game. And the NFL have been absolute hypocrites on the issue. See these articles:

    Leftists are pulling down statues of American heroes including George Washington, calling for open borders and sanctuary cities, giving driver’s licenses to illegals, dividing people along racial, geographic, and class lines, attacked the boy scouts, created chaos with their gender dysphoria non sense, changing names of team mascots and National Parks consistent with their leftist agenda, undermining and attacking religious rights, burning the American flag, blocking highways to prevent law abiding citizens from hearing the speaker of their choice, assaulting those they disagree with, doing all in their power to prevent conservative speakers from speaking on college campuses, and hourly, accusing any and everybody of being a racist bigot homophobe if they disagree with their diminution of America.
    Is there anything in this great nation that leftists won’t dishonor or attack?

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