Suzi Tompkins, San Clemente

I would like to comment on Lupe Infraine’s letter to the editor in the Sept. 28-Oct. 4 edition of the San Clemente Times.

I am so excited that the paper chose to print the opinion regarding the treatment of farm animals. Not only should we do serious research on our own regarding the benefits of a plant-based diet, we should share that information with anyone who will listen and wishes to fight illnesses of all kinds. Just making small changes will better our health and quality of life as we age.

It is also the highest ethical choice on behalf of those tortured and killed to perpetuate myths about food that is good for us. Investigate for yourselves what food companies back the ads and propaganda-based commercials, putting money before truth and compassion, including pharmaceutical companies.

Be proactive about making a decision to take a pill to “fix” an issue rather than correcting it or preventing it with knowledge of healthy alternatives. Love yourself, the planet and all its inhabitants. Bottom line, educate yourself.

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