Kenneth E. Horn, San Clemente

I read with interest last week your brief article regarding a bill, AB 2796, introduced by State Assemblyman Rocky Chavez of Oceanside. The bill is the most definitive opposition to the proposed SR-241 extension into San Clemente yet seen by any elected public official. Calls to elected officials, other than those already in opposition, regarding their respective positions on the extension through the heart of San Clemente have been met either by silence or obfuscation.  Mr. Chavez has stood the test by the language in the bill which would stop the 241 at Oso Parkway, period. Not a lot of mincing of words. It should be noted that he is a candidate for Congress in the 49th District, which includes San Clemente. He certainly knows how to reach out to his voters. Bravo, Mr. Chavez!
Editor’s note: Chavez’s AB 2796 was voted down in the transportation committee, but he said he would introduce another bill at a press conference on Tuesday.

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