ED SCHLEGEL, Capistrano Beach

As a longtime Capistrano Beach resident and advocate for San Onofre State Beach, I am extremely troubled by the San Clemente City Council’s efforts to invalidate protections for the park.

Our community finally won a commitment to avoid construction in the park after 15 years of battling the TCA’s (Transportation Corridor Agencies) efforts to build a toll road through the Donna O’Neill Land Conservancy, the San Mateo Watershed and San Onofre State Park. These areas are there for the enjoyment of us all: hikers, bikers, families and surfers.

Last year, the San Clemente City Council filed a lawsuit which aims to erase the TCA’s commitment to avoid construction of the toll road in San Onofre State Park, but the City Council’s efforts to undo these hard-fought protections for the park are misdirected.

I sympathize with my fellow South Orange County community members who oppose construction of a TCA project through our community, but destroying protections for the San Mateo Watershed and San Onofre is not the way to protect our community.

The lawsuit being waged against these protections by the San Clemente City Council would do nothing to protect San Clemente. It would only reverse protection for the park that many members of our communities fought tirelessly for 15 years to secure.

For these reasons, I hope the City Council will consider dropping or suspending its lawsuit to un-protect San Onofre and pursue other means, such as abolishing the TCA, to achieve the goals of its constituents.

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