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Richard Green, San Clemente

I just finished reading the response letter to the “Wavelengths” column published in the Feb. 21-27 edition. Like him, I, too, wish Sen. John McCain were here to help us out of this mess. As a former member of the Armed Services, Foreign Relations and Homeland Security committees, Sen. McCain possessed some insight regarding our current president and those who disparage our intelligence and law enforcement professionals.

In February 2018, Sen. McCain said repeated verbal attacks on the FBI and our intel services serve the interest of Russia and not the people of the United States. Like him, I trust the integrity of those institutions. They cannot and have not moved forward without first having evidence from multiple sources that corroborate accusations. The evidence has convinced Federal judges and grand juries to indict many individuals and entities for crimes against the U.S. The letter writer need not worry about lessons our young people will learn from witnessing these events. It is not an “attempted coup.” I think because of his previous statements, Sen. McCain would approve of democracy in action in the defense of the rule of law.

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  • Couldn’t disagree with you more! John McCain was a politician first and foremost. It was clear with his Involvement with the Keating 5 and his involvement with his meeting with the Muslim brotherhood etc. He also turned against the electorate in his own party with the presidency of Donald Trump! He attacked Trump first, Trump attacked back n the rest is history! McCain said repeated attacks on our FBI and intelligence helps Russia and hurts the US, what’s a bunch of crock! He was part of the group who passed the phony dossier! If you still believe that the FBI, DOJ, our intelligence committee is to always be believed that’s up to you, but I don’t! President Trump is proving again that those once highly regarded institutions are nothing more than departments filled with political hacks! With what we’ve seen come to light from these institutions and how crooked they’ve all been shown to be I unfortunately question every one of them! The FBI and the DOJ (Obama) protected Hillary from prosecution and you think we need to trust them? I’m with President Trump, we need to keep draining the swamp, exposing the corruption and don’t trust any of them until they prove they don’t have a personal political agenda! I’m hoping I’m around long enough to see it.. John McCain died a bitter man who embarrassed himself by his pettiness in making sure President Trump not attend his service. I helped raise 1,000’s of dollars for McCains campaign and I couldn’t be more disappointed in the man I believe he turned out to be! Rest In Peace John….

  • Agree to disagree!

    McCain was nothing but a hero and a patriot. If McCain isn’t one, who is? What does a guy have to do to get that moniker?
    Fighter -bomber jock in my war–shot down–captured–tortured–again and again for years—came through it with guns blazing and flags flying. His career in the House and Senate revealed a thoughtful respectful conservative who understood that compromise is THE J O B. Period— it’s the whole job in a bi-cameral democracy. He recognized that the far right in our party has lost it’s grip on decency, reality, common sense and finally in the case of electing a soviet asset as President, it’s soul……

    Trump and his enablers are unworthy to have carried his helmet across the deck to the catapult where he was launched, to do the dangerous job that this pipssqueek of coward president avoided….

    • I clearly stated I appreciated his service to our country! That alone doesn’t make the whole man. He was a crooked politician who cared more about himself then his constituents. He proved that when he voted thumbs down on repealing Obamacare because of his hate for the President! He also started the ball rolling on the phony dossier which he gave to the FBI! His last stab at the President was to try to humiliate him by making sure he knew he wasn’t invited to his funeral. President Trump graciously gave the McCain family everything they asked for and more so John could have a beautiful send off. John only embarrassed himself! Yes, I’m proudly one of Trumps “enablers” and I can assure you I haven’t lost my sense of decency, reality, or common sense! I also don’t appreciate you saying I’m unworthy! By the way, there’s NO COLLUSION!

  • Ronald Reagan once famously said– “politics aint beanbag”.

    Critics of McCain often don’t have the courage and heart for the fight like he did, I understand that. McCain was a fierce politician in addition to his other heroic attributes. It takes exactly that warrior heart to win in the Congress as he did for decades…. Quoting Justice Robert Gardner from our Court of Appeals, “Critics sit in the cool of the library, in the calm of the evening”……..I’ll take McCain any day.—- Our current Trump
    cult is pathetic on about every level……

    • You’re insult was duly noted! What’s pathetic is people that praise dirty politicians who are only in it for themselves! You can pretend he was an honorable man but most of his constituents don’t think so! He voted thumbs down to repeal Obamacare only because of his hate for Trump! He died a bitter hateful man, jealous of President Trump. His bitterness took him down that dirty road and gave the FBI the phony Christopher Steele dossier that HE KNEW was suspect! He was involved in trying to take down a duly elected president based on fake information paid for by the democrats! You and I have a very different description of what “hero” means! Johm McCain showed his cowardice and his measure of a man at the end of his life… he was no hero!

  • WOW— You must’ve had Fox News on all day to get all those talking points in your noggin! Congrats. I guess you’ve read the entire Mueller report and evaluated the findings? Oh, golly, no, all you’ve heard about is Barr’s book report that he wrote in 6 hours after a 2 year investigation…….zzzzzz

    McCain’s a hero– I’m sanguine in that knowledge…….and……..your comfortable with your cable box. God Bless ya!

comments (6)

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