If you are like me, then you do not like what the TCA is trying to do to our town. There is no way that cutting through San Clemente with a toll road makes any sense. Firstly, the TCA has not conclusively shown us any real believable statistics that show a toll road here is even needed or justified. The current amount of cars on 241 at Oso, where it terminates, is negligible, and doing just fine as it is. Secondly, connecting 241 thru San Clemente to I-5 will not only ruin our town, but it would most definitely make traffic worse all the time. It just doesn’t work. In fact, it’s intolerable! So one important thing we all can do is to avoid driving on any Toll Roads until TCA gets the message no toll roads through San Clemente! There are long-standing drive arounds to avoid 73 by using I-5 and 405. Likewise to avoid 133 and 241, you can take I-5 to 55 instead. These routes may be only slightly longer, but they will save you up to $8.48 for a trip on 73 and $3.29 on 133 and $4.15 on 241. Instead of shelling out your money to TCA, vow to keep it and help send a message to them to stop meddling in our town’s well-being. I know it’s not much money, but every little bit can certainly add up and will keep them from stealing our money and attempting to ruin San Clemente at the same time. Please pass this along, and hopefully more folks here who hate TCA will likewise join in the ban of their toll roads. Fight back, and the TCA will assuredly take heed.


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