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Eva O’Keefe, San Clemente

At the last Mission Viejo City Council meeting, the City Council voted—unanimously— to oppose Assemblyman Rocky Chavez’s bill, AB 2796, that redefines the 241 Toll Road as ending at Oso Parkway, its current terminus.

Mayor Wendy Bucknam calls on the citizens of Mission Viejo to raise up and demand that this bill be defeated because, according to them, this will force more traffic to travel into Mission Viejo. Mayor Ed Sachs has trouble even identifying the streets Avenida La Pata, Avenida Pico and Antonio Parkway.

According to the IBI study, at best, the Toll Road will take away 12,000 cars from the freeway— and not all of those cars will travel into Mission Viejo (some to Dana Point, Laguna Niguel, San Clemente and San Juan Capistrano).

The leaders of Mission Viejo are willing to destroy a city’s historical and environmental legacy so their residents are not burdened by a few cars. Mission Viejo is also unwilling to look at alternatives that will provide the same dismal traffic relief for one-tenth of the cost.

I call on Mission Viejo to be a good neighbor and don’t “throw San Clemente under the bus.”

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