Diana Doalson, San Clemente

Dear Mr. Ed Sachs,

I am a resident of San Clemente who strongly opposes the toll road extending through our city. I have written several other times explaining my position. Today, I have an issue to bring to your attention.

I just read an article in the Voice of OC written by Mike Robbins and published on Aug. 28. In that article he points out that, “Mission Viejo, desperate to maintain a pristine image…just passed one of the toughest anti-homeless ordinances in Orange County.” My question about this, and I do understand your concerns, is how is it fair to ignore our concerns over a toll road cutting through our city and yet ignore the needs of the homeless in yours? The article continues, “all of them are not allowed to sleep in a car, a van, or an RV anywhere in the city. They are not allowed to rest in a park, on the sidewalk or anywhere else in Mission Viejo.” You are trying to protect your residents from those less fortunate. We are trying to protect our residents from air and noise pollution, schools and parks damaged by the proximity of a toll road and financial harm to both businesses and homeowners.

Please help me to understand how it’s possible for you to ignore those who may have suffered mental illnesses, domestic abuse or hard times in their lives and turn a deaf ear to the residents of San Clemente? You have accused us of being NIMBYs and it seems to me as though you are exactly the same.

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