Vonne Barnes, San Clemente, RSCCA Board President

Rancho San Clemente Community Association (RSCCA) wishes to thank the Orange County Sheriff’s Department officer who intercepted and issued a citation to the motorcyclist on the city’s Ridge Route trail (RRT).

RSCCA has been working diligently with the city and OCSD to enforce Municipal Code 10.68.010 that prohibits motorcycles on the RRT.

The RRT is a paved road that runs 4.5 miles through “very high severity fire hazard zones” consisting of open space on either side of the zone. Motorcyclists threaten the safety of pedestrians, including hikers, joggers, families with strollers and dog-walkers, who all wish to enjoy the trail. Motorcyclists riding at dare-devil speeds are known to frequent the RRT, ignoring posted signs, roaring by lawful trail users.

Motorcyclists who venture off-trail into the closed fire zones can spark fires, grind illegal trails, damage the open space, destroy indigenous watershed and cause safety and liability issues.

RSCCA appreciates the police presence on the Ridge Route Trail and encourages OCSD to continue patrolling this area and issuing citations for safety in our community.

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  • hi von
    all true but i hope and think we need to create a space for off road fun and recreation that doesn’t take hours and trailers to get to ,, local merchant would like the money and families would like the extra time

  • Wow wondering if you like your dirt lot in North Beach that was quite an intrusion into everybodys life in SC. You just have to keep putting your nose into everything.
    For all who dont know Vonne and her husband destroyed your oppertunity to have a parking lot/entertainment area in NB that would have had a concert stage with electricity and electrical outlets all the way around for Art venders and farmers markets. She went to the Coastal Commission Hearing and submarined the project. Now you have a dirt lot, thank her for that.
    So go ahead keep it up maybe eventualy you will get it right.

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