Mary Lou Peters, San Clemente

On June 6, about 8:35 a.m., a bicyclist in San Clemente was returning home from his daily early morning ride on the Ola Vista bicycle route when a lady parked at the curb on South Ola Vista opened her car door and it struck him.

Even though he had a bright strobe light flashing and fluorescent green shirt, obviously she neglected to look in this highly traveled bike lane for approaching bicyclists. Emergency vehicles and police arrived to assist, as well as the kind lady whose home this occurred in front of. Four cracked ribs, multiple abrasions, shredded clothing, damaged helmet and bicycle, and a four-day hospital stay are the result of driver’s neglect.

Unfortunately, most drivers don’t look in their mirror prior to exiting their vehicle. The one good thing coming out of this horrible collision is that two more people have now invested in bike helmets.

I feel if more people were aware of what can happen when they don’t look before exiting their car on a street, riders would come home unharmed.

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