Joe Janis, San Clemente

This may be the worst year to date for negative campaigning. Most of the people I have spoken with are embarrassed by this year’s national campaigns.

Negative campaigning has also found its way to our Spanish Village by the Sea. Not sure about you, but I am so tired of all the negative mailers that are showing up in my mailbox. With every negative mailer that arrives, I become more and more skeptical of the people that are sending them.

One mailer I received said that San Clemente is on the verge of bankruptcy (despite our AAA credit rating). The most recent mailer I received had a picture of a former city of Orange City Council member putting her two cents in about us. I was alarmed when I learned that most of the funding for the mailers that are slandering our current Council members is from out-of-towners. The PAC that is trying to unseat our two incumbents has collected over $70,000. What is going on here?

I don’t want out-of-town money and opinions of non-residents determining our destiny. We have one of the greatest towns in all of California, and we have once again made the Top 50 list of California’s safest cities (number 27 to be exact). If you are wondering, the city of Orange didn’t make the list. We must be doing something right. This is another reason I am throwing my support to incumbents Chris Hamm and Robert “Bob” Baker.

Hopefully, after this election, our country will find a way to get out of this nasty form of campaigning. Might be wishful thinking.


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  • Thank you Joe, I wholeheartedly agree with your writing. The amount Bane and Swartz have received via shadowy PAC monies has exceeded $ 100,000.00! Don’t the operators of the outlet mall recognize how offensive their actions are? Talk about very bad judgement.

    Jim Bieber certainly has an axe to grind but he continuously demonstrates how uncompromising he is. Watching a televised City Council meeting a week or two ago, a citizen from the audience actually took the microphone and called Jim Bieber a “jerk”.

    Oh well just 5 days remaining and thank you for your support of Bob Baker and Chris Hamm. They genuinely have the citizen’s back.

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