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Mary Franta, San Clemente

Last week’s San Clemente Times featured a few letters with misguided opinions regarding the NFL and their kneeling during our national anthem. Everyone gets to have an opinion in this great nation of ours, and in the interest of being fair, I must represent the opposing view.

Not everyone agrees with these football players, as they kneel during our anthem. True Americans do not wish to see them disrespect our flag because it is our national symbol of those brave men and women who fought, bled and died for our freedom. Kneeling is disrespectful to our military, our police and our nation. I take deep offense to those who kneel, and I refuse to support the NFL any longer.

The excuse that these kneeling players give for kneeling is that they say there is unfair treatment of minorities by police. By kneeling, do these players think that their actions will make the world any safer, stop police brutality or racial inequality? I would be willing to bet that most of the kneelers have not spent one hour or one dime to study these problems and/or provide any sort of remedy to this problem. It’s all vainglory; cry me a river when I visit these players in their $20 million homes. They live in the bubble of their own closed-off world of wealth and fame.

The time to show respect for our nation is during the 90 seconds it takes to stand and place one’s hand over one’s heart to demonstrate gratitude and honor for those who give everything they have for our freedom.

Like any private business in the free world, the NFL can limit what players say or do during working hours. These players are wearing the company uniform and act as role models for our youth. There is no acceptable excuse for disrespecting our flag during the anthem, and I say that it’s high time to stop kneeling, stand up like men, and get back to business, which is get back to playing football.

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  • I respect the point of view that NFL players should stand during the National Anthem. I do not agree however that it demonstrates disrespect. On the contrary, I think it emphasizes how important our National Anthem is.

    The Anthem is sung or played around the world to honor America. All America. Who we are, what we are and what we believe as Americans. We stand when it is sung or played to honor our country and to show our allegiance to it.

    So when people kneel instead of stand, they are assuming a position of supplication. People kneel before kings and queens, rulers and before God in prayer. Kneeling is NOT a disrespectful stance!

    When NFL players or anyone else kneels as a sign of protest for something it is saying to others that this is America and are asking you to listen to us. The singing of the National Anthem is an important activity for Americans and because of its importance, it is also a time to draw attention, respectfully, towards issues that should be part of a national discussion (in the view of the kneelers)

    .Lastly, I am going to say something even more unpopular. There were only a handful of players kneeling until this issue went viral. The criticism from on high sparked another kind of protest of solidarity.
    Players, coaches and even owners joined in to say this is America and we defend our friends’ right to express themselves. This whole thing was nonsense that never should have happened.

  • @ Mary Franta

    Excellent observations Mary. I also will be among the many who will NOT support or patronize these disrespectful players nor the hypocrites of the NFL who have completely fumbled the issue.

comments (2)

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