SC_144By Marilyn Katzmark, San Clemente

This is an answer to Jamie Deans of Sovereign Health. I just read your article in the Sept. 1-7 edition of the San Clemente Times about being good neighbors. I live behind one of your houses on Calle Toledo. The sober living house backs up to my backyard, Jamie Deans ought to live near one of his houses and see if he could be a good neighbor. Our homes and yards are filled with cigarette smoke, they wake us up at night with their foul language. I listen to their screaming and yelling and swear words in the evening sometimes until 11 p.m. or later. If you walk by the house in the daytime you have to hear “F”ing everything, while residents stand screaming outside about how they are being treated. This is way beyond trying to be a good neighbor. I am a recovering alcoholic and have been sober for 45 years. I do understand the disease, but these residents are extremely violent, ill people, and we are subjected to their behavior on a daily basis, which has turned into years with this house.

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