Dave Huber, San Clemente

My neighbor, Col. Joe, is now living in a residential care facility. He is 87 years old and can no longer live alone in a two-story home. He sold his property and moved into a guest home on the 300 block of Calle Escuela.

The street is marked as no parking from 7 a.m.-3 p.m. This was to keep the San Clemente High School students from parking on residential streets, I think.

I used to park my Ford Focus on a neighbor’s double drive-way.

I was asked not to park there because the space is needed for the tenants and medical personnel, loading and unloading of vehicles with walkers and wheelchairs.

I visit my friend Joe quite often, as all of his family lives back east. I park my 2000 Ford Focus, a white station wagon, across the street. It is the same location I have parked for a total of 380 visits for more than two and a half years.

I have my handicap placard and a Broadmoor guest parking pass that I have posted in my car, but I have been issued two parking citations in that period of time.

The officers who wrote these citations should be aware that this is the same location, same vehicle, they have seen parked in the same spot, 380 times. It should be clear that the owner has a handicap placard and has displayed such notification many times in the past years.

The cost to me is $43. Joe said he would help pay the fine and go to court with me. I told him, “No way, pal.” The Orange County Sheriff’s Department turned down my request to appeal of the citation.

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